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Lie of the Land Poem

In May 2015, Big Brum ran a site specific production based on World War One called Lie of the Land at Highbury Hall, Birmingham. After experiencing the programme, two Year 6 students at Fairway Primary spontaneously responded to their experience by writing a poem. Big Brum often receives very positive feedback regarding the quality and impact of our work; but even by our standards, this feedback is memorable.

Humanity was at the heart of the play
I watched the drama unfold right in front of my eyes
Gut wrenching cries from behind the closed doors
Hearing savage commands, Molly the maid flinched
Brutal silence coated every corner, every bush
Uniforms concealed the person beneath
Ruined memories of laughter and joy - now torn to shreds
Yesterday, today, tomorrow; the house bears witness.

Haunted by sorrow, Highbury became a shell of grief
All who enter should take their stories away
Listen to what has not been understood
Listen and understand.......

Thanks from Big Brum to Reece and Mya for their remarkable contribution.

Supported by Arts Council England