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A Theatre in Education programme for Year 9 upwards

"Don't want to come out? Don't blame yer. Believe me darlin' I've seen everythin there is to see an' it's not all it's cracked up to place for a kid. Makes yer old before yer time. Ouch! Steady on with yer size nines"

A city in the throes of a riot. A child is born into chaos and uncertainty. Who can give her a home? What will become of her? It will be years before the answer will be known; a child touched by madness, touched by greed and cruelty, touched by freedom and hope.

Touched is the final act of a trilogy of Big Brum plays (Dereliction, 2008 and Stitch Up, 2010). It continues an exploration of the lives of young people on the margins of a society at war with itself, and their desire to find community.

The play is part of a half day TIE programme that will bring world class theatre into your school, with accompanying workshops facilitated by highly skilled professional actor-teachers. It will support KS4 and KS5 Drama, English, Citizenship, RE and PSHE. Designed to challenge, develop thinking skills, imaginative thinking, and individual and collaborative work - all essential to a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum - the programme will offer expert support which enables your classes to be responsible for their own learning. Everything you and your students need to explore the play and programme further - including follow-up activities, production notes and a copy of the script - is provided in our supporting educational resource.

World renowned playwright Edward Bond had this to say about Big Brum's new play Touched:

"Touched combines the idealism of the young with their urgent desire to make their vision practical.
Indirectly it reminded me of Shakespeare's The Tempest. But in Touched the future lies not with Prospero's resigned resignation but with a girl and her friend.
The girl is like Prospero's daughter but also so unlike her - she has the power of innocence but the insight of experience. You can hope either because you dont understand the problem or because you have courage. The young people in this play understand their problems and have the courage to try to change them. You will never make the 'brave new world' without the brave young people to make it. Touched is for the brave young people. It is a strangely powerful play and Big Brum at its best."

Big Brum's Production Blog

Big Brum is delighted to announce our new production blog for Touched. Written by Big Brum's Education Partnership Worker, Matt Hinks, the blog will be updated every few days with latest infomation about the rehearsal process, photos, comment, insights; a fascinating look into how we work. Click the link below to read on!

Partnership Development with your school

Big Brum delivers Theatre-in-Education programmes for young people across all age ranges and abilities. The company uses theatre and drama alongside young people to make meaning of their lives and the world around them. It is recognised internationally as a leading centre for excellence in arts education.

The following outlines some of the support that Big Brum can offer to schools. However, we are open to ideas and suggestions. We are particularly interested in developing extended partnership work with schools: going on a learning journey together to develop work which provides both a meaningful challenge and a viable alternative to the currently prevalent view of education: one that is increasingly hostile to the role of the arts; and one where learning itself is being seen in ever more narrow terms.

One day Theatre-in-Education Programme

A single day's Theatre-in-Education programme will usually include two sessions of up to two hours each, which includes both a full theatre performance and an interactive workshop, using drama and theatre to explore the ideas raised in the performance. Each session will involve up to 30 young people.

A Year 12 Drama Teacher made the following comment about Big Brum's last programme for Secondary schools, The Edge:
"When they came to review 'The Edge' their work was easily at least a grade higher. The difference seemed to be that the performance of 'The Edge' had left them with so many questions that they reflected much more deeply"

Partnership programmes

We can also work with your school to develop a programme which goes deeper into work within the English, Citizenship, RE or PSHE curricula; a day working with Drama students on text and production elements; or the Company coming in for an off-timetable Enrichment Day.

Alongside this, many schools have found it valuable to bring us in to lead CPD for staff, either through training sessions or as a joint project across half a term or more. Some schools have found it particularly beneficial for us to work with a group of young people with emotional and behavioural needs, offering them a safe space through drama to explore some of the issues in their lives.

Some of the benefits of longer-term partnership with Big Brum are summed up by this teacher at a Birmingham Secondary School:
"Through our partnership, students and staff have been challenged to think in purposeful and engaging ways with the world around them. The partnership is of extreme value to us and one we hope will last. Big Brum create a useful space in which everyone can learn together and it is this specifically that is of the greatest importance to us."

A single day's Theatre-in-Education will normally cost £500. Partnership projects range from half a term to over a term and cost from £2,000 to £5,000.

Big Brum's new offer to schools outlines a menu of support that the Company can deliver to schools using our current primary and secondary touring programmes. Click here to download our latest offer document. (Opens as an Adobe PDF document in a new window)

If you are interested in developing a partnership with Big Brum, please contact us on 0121 464 4604 or Big Brum, Pegasus Primary School, Turnhouse Rd, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 6PR.

Please consider supporting Big Brum's delivery of high quality art to young people.

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