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The Angry Roads

World Premiere of a new play by Edward Bond

A new Theatre in Education programme with world class theatre and participatory workshops, aimed at year 9 upwards.

Evening in the city. In a flat a teenage boy is sorting through play things from his childhood; he is sorting through his past in search of the truth about an accident that destroyed his family. The Father remains silent, is he refusing or unable to speak about it? The son struggles to know the truth and take control of his future.

Young people today grow up in a world that their parents did not grow up in. So much has changed that the age-old problem of communication is becoming ever more difficult.

In The Angry Roads internationally renowned playwright Edward Bond has created a unique dramatic way of opening up the problem and revealing what is at stake in it for young people: repression, denial, evasion, leading to understanding and the acceptance of responsibility and freedom... and finally to the rite of passage into the modern world. It is a journey your students will recognise because it is a journey they are already on.

This production, Bond's 10th new commission for Big Brum, is an extraordinary and compelling drama by one of the world's greatest dramatists.

The Angry Roads is a theatre performance supported by a participatory workshop for Key Stage 4 and 5 Drama, English, Citizenship and PSHE. The Angry Roads is available as a half day or full day theatre in education programme, working with up to 60 young people in a day in two sessions of two hours each, which includes a performance with full set and interactive sessions interwoven with the text. Big Brum can also adapt this model and perform to larger audiences. The Theatre in Education programme is supported with extensive and innovative Teachers' Resources, offering rich material for development in the classroom, including the script, production notes and follow-up activities. Big Brum can also offer CPD and INSET sessions for teachers.

Gemma Grubb, Head of Drama, Hazelwick School, Sussex:
"The students were gripped by the work and physically leaning forward in their seats. They loved the quality of the acting and the clever design of the set. They were so keen to answer the provocative questions posed by the actor-teachers and had an excellent experience of the possibilities that TIE can achieve."

Feedback from previous Big Brum TIE programmes consistently indicate that Big Brum's work is memorable, emotionally and intellectually stimulating, and has an impact on the students' motivation and quality of academic work. Schools can build on a day's TIE with a follow up day or a longer term partnership tailored to your learners' needs. Big Brum are committed to robust evaluation and research into the efficacy of the programmes, and examples are available upon request.

Fiona Briggs, Teacher of Drama, Golden Hillock School, Birmingham:
"Thank you once again for sharing such a wonderful play and workshop with ourselves and our students. We have been grappling with a handful of questions thrown up by the play already! The students have been able to share their own experiences while developing their own opinions which have been truly inspiring for me as their teacher. It has challenged all of us and we are excited to continue to explore these complex issues."

Our last secondary schools tour, centered on the play Touched was used by schools in a variety of ways to encourage engagement and improve skills:

By participating in the TIE programme, each student will have:


For discussions about The Angry Roads, please contact Matt Hinks the Education Partnership Worker at Big Brum on 0121 464 4604 or email:

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