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Home Front - Front Line

Part Two of The End of Reason 1914-18 - A five year Theatre in Education project for Key Stages 2, 3, 4 & 5

A clearing in a wood, France, summer 1915.
Another offensive. Gas, a hail of shells, bullets and confusion.
A meeting of an officer and men: men from different continents, from different worlds.
Amongst the shattered trunks and branches rank is suspended, loyalties questioned and the rules of war change...

'Sepoy's Salute' is a Theatre in Education programme that will bring world-class theatre into your school. Using performance and participatory drama workshops Sepoy's Salute will explore duty, servitude, freedom and responsibility through the eyes of an Indian soldier, a peasant labourer turned member of the Indian Corps that crossed the 'Black Water' into the firing line of industrialised warfare.

For primary schools, 'Sepoy's Salute' will provide a stimulus for work within the curriculum and will help children to develop their creative thinking through expertly facilitated enquiry and discussion, encouraging pupils to share opinions, explain views and make choices.

For secondary schools, 'Sepoy's Salute' will have broad curricular appeal to teachers of Citizenship, English, Drama, History, PSHE and RE, raising issues and asking deep questions about World War One and the massive impact on families, society and the ruling orders.

We would like to invite schools, colleges and other education settings to talk with us about this powerful new programme of work. For an informal discussion or to arrange a meeting, please contact Matt Hinks the Education Partnership Worker at Big Brum on 0121 464 4604 or email:

Click here to Download the Sepoy's Salute flyer as an Adbode PDF document.

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