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---Over the Top---

Part 3 of End of Reason 1914 to 1918



Summer 1916. 141 days of horror begin as the Battle of the Somme becomes one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. In a crowded hospital near the front line a nurse scrubs the floor in the relentless war against infection and disease, but not all the wounds of war can be treated in this manner.

"It's not the missing limbs that haunts you. Its what's missing behind the eyes, inside."

Over the Top is a new theatre in education programme. Combining theatre performance and participatory drama workshops with your pupils, it explores duty and equality, autonomy and freedom through the experiences of serving men and women.

For primary schools, Over the Top will provide a stimulus for work within the curriculum and will help children to develop their creative thinking through expertly facilitated enquiry and discussion, encouraging them to share opinions, explain views and make choices.

For secondary schools Over the Top offers powerful opportunities for Citizenship, English, Drama, History, PSHE and RE, raising issues and asking profound questions about World War One at a time of deep social and political crisis.

"It is clear that the programme helped pupils gain an empathetic and personal connection with the past and the individual experience of those that lived through the First World War"
Amanda Phipps, University of Exeter

For discussions about Macbeth, please contact Matt Hinks the Education Partnership Worker at Big Brum on 0121 749 2450 or email:

Download full information for Primary Schools (Opens as an Adobe PDF document in a new Window)

Download full information for Secondary Schools (Opens as an Adobe PDF document in a new Window)

Supported by Arts Council England