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TOURING FROM FEBRUARY 2014 - The Giant's Embrace

Giants Embrace

A half day Theatre in Education programme for KS1 and 2

Once there was a very, very, very greedy Giant, who would eat, and eat, and eat until he could eat no more. It was because of the Giant's greed that the little people went hungry, and they cowered with fear whenever they heard the Giant's footsteps, which thudded on the ground like a mighty drum as he roamed the great forest in search of his next meal. Boom, Boom, Boom!

This participatory Theatre in Education programme, devised by the internationally renowned Big Brum, will take your children on a journey into the imagination, exploring the themes of responsibility, friendship, family and sustainability.

Boom, Boom, Boom! What about the little people? What to do? Facilitated by an experienced team of arts educators, The Giant's Embrace is designed to use role play and storytelling to develop speaking and listening skills, group discussion and interaction focused on creative problem solving, as your children meet the Giant's embrace head on.

"Working with Big Brum provides our children with live theatre which challenges them in thought and ideas, and demands that their expressive language is extended"

Booking the The Giant's Embrace for your School

The Giant's Embrace will be touring from February 2014 until July 2014. For more information, or to make a booking, please contact Matt Hinks on 0121 464 4607 or Big Brum, Pegasus Primary School, Turnhouse Rd, Castle Vale, Birmingham B35 6PR.


Partnership Development with your School

A day's TIE provides a significant artistic and educational experience for students. The most beneficial experiences, however, are those that are part of an ongoing and sustainable relationship between the company and schools. This is why Big Brum is building a number of partnership development programmes to ensure that our contribution to the school community fulfils its rich potential.

The partnerships are designed to deliver a range of special projects and ongoing interventions, using drama to meet specific educational, school improvement targets. In this model, 1-2 days TIE forms a springboard for bespoke work targeted at cohorts of pupils who need particular curriculum and subject support. This might include support in literacy; the development of thinking skills; supporting the schools' work on emotional and behavioural needs; building confidence and self-esteem; transition work; CPD for teachers; and work with parents, families and the wider community. Each partnership will reflect the particular needs of the school.

Please consider supporting Big Brum's delivery of high quality art to young people.

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