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BIG BRUM PROGRAMME OF WORK 2015-2016 - In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Theatre in Education...

Big Brum Theatre in Education Company has a very busy 2015-2016 schedule and we hope this document will be useful for teachers, other colleagues and friends to have an overview of our work in 2015/16. This work has been largely funded through Arts Council England's 'Grants for the Arts', Birmingham City Council and a variety of trusts and foundations.

May 11 - 22: Site-specific project at Highbury Hall, Moseley. Big Brum will be working with young actors from the GAP youth arts project to create and produce a promenade piece of Theatre, echoing Highbury Hall's existence in 1915 as a temporary hospital for recuperating soldiers. Schools from the city's priority neighbourhoods will be targeted to bring their students to Highbury Hall for a 'lived through' theatre experience. This work is funded by a grant from Birmingham City Council's Cultural Commissioning Team

June and July: End of Reason Part Two, 1915: 'Sepoy's Salute': The 'End of Reason 1914-1918' is a five year commitment from Big Brum to produce a pentad of plays from 2014-2018, reflecting upon the war years of 1914-1918. The first part, 'Home Front Front Line' was toured in the summer of 2014 to great reviews. Part two of this project is 'Sepoy's Salute'. This devised piece will reflect experiences of soldiers from across the British Empire through the eyes of an Indian soldier, a peasant labourer who joins the Indian Corps. This new Theatre in Education programme will explore duty, servitude, freedom and responsibility and ask deep questions about World War One and the world today. It will tour to schools in the summer term of 2015 and is suitable for ages 9-18.

September-November: 'Bare Faced' by Chris Cooper: This new secondary schools Theatre in Education programme will tour in the Autumn of 2015 and will be a new play by Chris Cooper in his 'fear and anger' cycle of plays. 'Bare Faced' (working title) is for young people aged 13+. This play will be about the young people that society has abandoned, it will be a story about the isolated and lonely and the remarkable courage and strength of these young people in the face of this neglect. 'Bare Faced' will be part of the 'TiE at 50' conference organised by our friends at the Belgrade Theatre, where Theatre in Education was born in 1965.

January-March 2016: 'Classic Fairytale TiE' for Key Stages 1 and 2: Big Brum will tour a new TiE programme to infant and primary schools, based on a classic fairytale (yet to be decided) and written by an emerging writer new to TiE . Building on the massive success of Big Brum's 'The Giant's Embrace', this new piece will be a highly visual production that encourages children to be actively involved in the fiction, allowing them to use their creative imagination to shape the story and to test and discuss their opinions, values and thoughts.

We would like to invite schools, colleges and other education settings to talk with us about this new programme of work. For an informal discussion or to arrange a meeting, please contact Matt Hinks the Education Partnership Worker at Big Brum on 0121 464 4604 or email:

Click here to Download this programme as a Microsoft Word document.

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